Just like two Os in a bowl, we all love to connect.
That's the
Cheerios Effect

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At Cheerios, we believe everyone is worthy of love and connection – and everyone has stories that deserve to be told.


Bring your story to life in Os

We’re all connected to someone special, whether that’s a friend, partner or neighbour. Create and share your unique story of connection as a way to inspire others to share their own!


Send an 'O'

Send a simple message to someone you share a connection with.

Everyone has a unique story worth sharing.

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What's yours?

Share that special story of how you met, your favorite memory, maybe an awkward moment, or how you feel about them. It’s up to you – so have fun with it!

We’ll bring your story to life in a bowl based on the words you choose.

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Happy with your story? We know it’s going to be great, but first we need to ensure it meets all our community standards. Please provide your details below, and we’ll let you know the minute it’s ready! (Usually within 24 hours).

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Thanks for creating your cheerios effect story!

We're just putting the finishing touches on your video now and will send you a message as soon as it's ready.

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Olivia's Story

Today before me and my family left to go out for the day I was eating my delicious apple...

Morello's Story

When I was young, I used to hear my dad at 11:30 ish at night, most nights a week, heading...

Tim's Story

Cheerios are my favorite midnight snack!

Pim's Story

When Cedar came along, we became best friends for ever. Then I moved, and now I miss him....

Cassandra's Story

For years, I almost never have breakfast cause I am just NOT hungry. But when I do have...

Javeria's Story

All day long, I dream of Cheerios...

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